The Team

Are you excited to meet with our players? You are here!!! FC Congo AZ is like other soccer teams. FC Congo AZ divided by three categories.

The first categories is goalkeepers. We have four goalkeepers who protect us from failure. The second categories is defenders is….

The third categories is Midfielders: are people who have a position between the defenders and forward. They are the core of the team because they are the ones who break up attacks. Also, they can not play this position only, but they can play others positions. They are at great to play defense and offense…..

The fourth categories is Forward: are people who have a high position in the team because they focus on scoring goals. When the team wins or loses, forwards have the responsibility of impact…


Albert Katembo
George Umbe
Paul Slubani
Mirefu Efunga



Albert Katembo
George Umbe
Paul Slubani
Mirefu Efunga
Wilondja Bawili
Germain Alinoti 
Issa Munyongre
Akiba Luala
Kiza Mangye



Martin Luala
Shukuru Yakobo
Bonny Kiza
Eugene Tusinge
Kiza Malenge
 Raymond Mkandama
Akili Edmond
Claude Misunga
 Freddy Bawili
Atembo Asukulu
Asukulu Wilondja
Isaya Misunga
Faustin Ndume


Landry Mayungu
Pasco Kacute
Uwezo Kiza
Uwezo Kiza

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